Where’s Clarence

  Follow here to see where Stephanie Baruffi's fans take Clarence.

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This is Connor and Chase and they loved Clarence's story! Chase couldn't believe that someone made meatballs better than his Nonna, and Connor liked it when Clarence stuck up for himself in the schoolyard. What a great story!

This is the Sarnoff family from

New Jersey reading 'Clarence' at bedtime.

Rocco and Mia loved

reading about Clarence!

Gracie can't put down Clarence.

"Our little Italian boy, Joey, 4,

loved that Carence's family had big

dinners like his family and really related

to Clarence because Joey says, "Wow-

Clarence has big ears like me"

With joy and gladness in our hearts...
So happy for you Mrs. Baruffi!
Jessica Suppa, a teacher in Vineland, New Jersey used Clarence to support learning about Italy.