The illustrations for this book were crafted over a period of almost 1 year. I knew that I wanted to use many of my family members to represent the characters in my book, especially Clarence. The character is a combination of both my grandfather, Clarence, and my son, Luke. Luke also has blue eyes and light hair and reminds me of my Pop Pop in so many ways. I sent Michela a picture of Luke and my Pop Pop and in no time, Clarence was born!


Of the illustrations in the book, I’d have to say that one of my favorites is of Clarence sitting in the doorway to his house with his dog, Stella. Stella was my dog for 13 years. I also gave Michela a photo of Stella and she was able to capture her so perfectly, especially her long, enormous tongue! Right down to the marking on her body, Stella was brought to life perfectly and that scene makes my heart smile so big!


Buona Lettura!




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