My Dog, Stella

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The illustrations for this book were crafted over a period of almost 1 year. I knew that I wanted to use many of my family members to represent the characters in my book, especially Clarence. The character is a combination of both my grandfather, Clarence, and my son, Luke. Luke also has blue eyes and light […]

The History of Clarence

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This book idea was first born in the summer of 2013. I was in the process of taking one of my master’s classes called Multicultural Literature. I was asked to research a book that reflected my culture. So I began an inquiry for rich, children’s literature that reflected what my Italian family was all about. […]

About the Illustrator

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Hello, my name is Michela Cardelli and I’m the illustrator of “Clarence”. I live in Pisa, Italy, the city of the leaning tower! I started drawing when I was in kindergarten and I never stopped! Over time, drawing became my life’s work. Currently, I am illustrating for many authors and artists.”Clarence” is my first entire book […]